Introducing MyNursie

Platform for advanced medication support and Real World Data collection

Our Approach

Welcome to MyNursie, an application that revolutionizes the future of medication. Empower and revolutionize your healthcare with our cutting-edge self-care app. Designed for pharmaceutical companies, our platform verifies special reimbursement criteria for new biological drugs and empowers patients in their self-care journey.

Real World Data Collection

Comprehensive Insights for Proactive Healthcare

Our platform facilitates the collection of real-world data for common diseases and treatments, providing digital support to validate necessary treatments and comorbidities. It is configurable to efficiently collect data via scales and questionnaires, ensuring a seamless process for side-effect reporting.


Elevating Healthcare Experience

Our solution facilitates access to special reimbursement for medicines while also verifying treatment efficacy and adherence. Designed to be user-friendly and motivating for end users, it promotes engagement and compliance with treatment regimens.

For Pharma Companies

Empowering Pharma Companies

Our application streamlines Real World Data collection and self-care, offering customization for new therapy areas and country-specific localizations. Supported by robust customer service and backend functionalities, we provide data enrichment, tailored analytics, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Additionally, our platform can be tailored as a white-label solution to suit specific branding needs.

Driving Market Access and Insights

Our platform offers market access advantages, which includes tracking individuals for advanced treatments and providing valuable data on broadening treatment indications. Additionally, our tailored companion app enhances treatment effects and outcomes for on-market products and launches, along with Digital Therapeutics (DTx)..

Let’s Work Together for the Better World

Health Categories

Our health categories consist of predefined packages based on Finnish common diseases. The health categories are customisable for both customer and end-user, so monitoring can be targeted easily where it is needed.

Lung Diseases

Empowering patients to monitor and manage conditions like asthma, COPD, and shortness of breath enhances patient engagement and treatment adherence

Cardiovascular Diseases

Providing tools for patients to track and manage their cardiovascular health, including blood pressure, heart rate, and weight, improves patient well-being


Offering a comprehensive solution for diabetes management enables support for patients to monitor their blood sugar levels, adhere to medication regimens, and make lifestyle changes

Mental Health

Enabling patients to monitor and manage mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and sleep patterns can lead to improved treatment adherence and better overall well-being

General Health

By providing tools for patients to track vital signs, medication adherence, and daily wellness activities, proactive health management is promoted and patient engagement can be enhanced

Weight Loss

Supporting patients in their weight loss journey through a comprehensive mobile application empowers them to set goals, track progress, and stay motivated, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction

Our Team

Our team consists of innovative and talented professionals, who understand both the clinical substance and the software development aspects of digital health technology and real-world health data.

Suvi Suutarinen

Founder, CEO

Pauliina Koukkari

Founder, COO

Pauli Siirama

Founder, CTO

Kelvin ALiche

Partner, Lead Developer

“MyNursie is a super data tool for pharma to make the effectiveness and value of medications visible.

The market for digital health is booming. MyNursie differs from other solutions by its versatility. While its competitors focus on data collection on a single disease and patient group, MyNursie serves and guides multiple diseases and patient groups.”

Klaus Tamminen, Head of Medical Affairs, Astra Zeneca

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