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MyNursie Self-Care App

For you who want to take your healthcare in your own hands.

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MyNursie® is a mobile application providing a tool for comprehensive and long-term self-care. The application is designed to help you stay healthy, to monitor symptoms of various conditions, and guide you in contacting healthcare providers. MyNursie consists of self-care packages dealing with various health problems and general health monitoring.

For Whom

For anyone who wants to be in control of their own health. The easy-to-use MyNursie application allows you to do exactly this. The application is suitable for anyone interested in their own health and preventive self-care, and it is also ideal for patients with chronic or multiple illnesses.


Various measurements and questionnaires collect information as a basis for providing the user with guidance and advice. When necessary, the application guides the user to monitor their health more frequently or advises them to contact healthcare. Long-term monitoring provides valuable information that will be used to prevent illness and to support the user’s healthcare.


MyNursie settles with ease into your daily life. Designed to promote good self-care, MyNursie helps you stay healthy. Thanks to MyNursie, professional guidance is always available and you can manage your own healthcare. Using the app makes it easier to notice changes in your health and allows early intervention and prevention of more serious health issues.

How Are You Today?

This sophisticated self-care application is part of your everyday life. MyNursie asks how you’re feeling today, conducts questionnaires, prompts you for physiological measurements, records the results and draws conclusions. With the help of the application, you’ll better understand your own state of health, making you the leading expert in your own healthcare. You’ll receive instructions for building good health and well-being, guidance on care, and support for lifestyle changes. You’ll no longer need several individual applications for different ailments, as MyNursie comprehensively covers your entire health.



Your Own Nurse in a Mobile

MyNursie provides answers to both today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. A few touches on your screen and you’ll have our ‘super-nurse’ to ensure you’re your own best self-carer. The MyNursie application has been developed by experts in medicine and nursing science on the basis of current scientific knowledge. The application is based on WHO and Current Care Guidelines, so all information provided by MyNursie is guaranteed to be based on the very best practices. MyNursie considers all the physical and mental aspects of health. With MyNursie your health information stays conveniently and safely in one place. All user information is dealt with in the strictest confidence.