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MyNursie application has been developed to provide the user with a comprehensive and personalised self-care experience. It seeks to solve the big challenges in healthcare with maintaining health as well as following symptoms of various health issues, prevention of disease, early intervention and care guidance.

Created by medical professionals

The app is based on WHO’s and Current Care Guidelines, and it has been designed by the clinical team of Nursie Health in cooperation with software developers. It follows the clinically evaluated best practices and it also has a CE mark.

MyNursie – the solution that both patients and medical staff love

The user of MyNursie will become an active participant in their own health with regular monitoring and questionnaires, and the medical staff can detect changes in a client’s health status by using real-world data. This leads to better healthcare experience, happier professionals and efficient use of limited resources.

Public and private healthcare providers


Pharmaceutical industry

Medical staff

Main features

General health monitoring

Monitoring for multiple health issues

Instructions for closer monitoring

Notifications for changes in health status

Clear guidance for seeking medical help

Long-term visualised data tracking

Clinical testimonial: Pirte Healthcare

”We see a huge potential in MyNursie in promoting health both in the services we offer to our customers and in the use of our staff. MyNursie makes it easier for our nursing staff to notice the changes in a client’s health status, and it also enables early intervention and prevention of more serious harm. This leads to better care for our customers and well-being for our staff.”
– Tiina Surakka, Pirte Healthcare

Tiina Surakka CEO, PhD, Tullinkulman työterveys Oy / Pirte +358 44 427 0467

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